Does the idea of taking part in this year’s half marathon appeal to you but feel like you would not be able to complete it alone? Fear not, you can enter as a four-person relay team sponsored by Edwards Hands and Lewis. No matter who you are, whether you’re four colleagues from work, four best friends at school or a family of four, everybody is welcome to take part!

How does it work?

By assembling and entering as a team to compete in a four-person relay team (each member will have to run a section of approximately 3.25 miles), you will be automatically donating to charity, with proceeds being given to The Squires Effect. Of course, you can also decide to get your team sponsored to raise additional money, either for The Squires Effect or indeed any charity of your choice.

Worried about your fitness?

With just over a month remaining till race day, there’s plenty of time to get in some training with your team and tackle the relatively short distance together. You can impress your friends and family on the day as you breeze by whilst being cheered on by the carnival crowd during the first or final legs or enjoy the scenery on legs two and three.

For those more competitive souls amongst you, there are some great bragging rights up for grabs as well as medals, T shirts for each finishers and other prizes. The price for a team entry is just £100.

Why not make a team within your work place…?

Ever thought that within your team at work you might have an undiscovered Mo Farrah or Paula Racliffe? We are aiming to sign up at least 10 local business teams this year. Will your company be one of them?

Perhaps you would like to invite a rival local business to take part in some friendly competition? If you are a pub, perhaps some of your regulars would like to form a team and challenge another local pub?  Perhaps one of your departments would like to challenge another department within your company?

Apart from promising to be great fun, this team-building opportunity has been organised in order for the community to ‘give-back’. However you do it, you can be sure of a huge crowd to cheer you off at the start and finish line!

So, get on the phone, get on Facebook and see who you can round up to take part in this amazing event.

The Squires Effect

A key part of what we do is supporting local charities. For this event, we’re supporting ‘The Squires Effect’. We will be donating a portion of the proceeds from every entry. If you would like to run for your own selected charity you will be able to do that too. Just find out more on the Carnival of Running page.

On the day…

By the day of the event you will have chosen your running order. Runner 2 will be asked to walk the short distance to the first changeover point. Runners 3 and 4 are asked to be at registration from 11.30am.

From here, runners 3 and 4 will be shuttled by Murphy’s Taxis to their relevant changeover points out on the course. If you are making your own way to the starts, please let us know. There will be a rolling vehicle so as you finish you will also be shuttled back to the finish area to welcome your team home. You will be using electronic relay batons to determine an accurate time for your team.

The Angel Hotel and Race Harborough have a partnership together which means that runners taking part in the race get a discount on overnight accommodation at The Angel Hotel. You can receive a 15% discount on your booking by using the code ‘RACE’. The code is eligible on bookings through the whole weekend, Friday to Sunday. Find out more on The Angel Hotel page.

So what do you think? Is it time to unpack your shorts and get together with a few friends (male or female) and make up a your dream team? Once you’ve found your three team mates, go here to register for the event. Carnival of Running