Triathlon pace

It needs to be based on the training you have actually done, not the training that you planned on doing! It is likely that your fastest time will be on race day because of the racing atmosphere, but it won’t be too far off your training time.

So, try to make it a realistic target because when it comes around to it you’ll be disheartened and de-motivated. That can often be the case but try not to worry too much about your time in a triathlon. The courses are all different in size, conditions vary with different weather and remember there is no standard distance for the transition so that can be anything from 30 seconds to 5 minutes!


Swimming is hard to monitor during training because there isn’t much to record other than time. It’s simple, just keep trying to beat your best time each time you train and hopefully you’ll slowly progress for race day.

For the first 100m, you should try to swim as fast as you can to try to get ahead of people and then you’ll be following faster swimmers, which will hopefully increase your speed without you knowing. For the rest of the swim, maintain a comfortable speed, bearing in mind you have two more sports to complete after.

Keep your stroke smooth and keep looking up to check you’re going in the right direction. Don’t panic if you clash with another swimmer because this is the main thing that will make you tired come the bike and run.


When you start the biking, you should try to recover during the first couple of miles by going at a steady but good pace. Enough for you to catch your breath, but not so slowly that all your efforts in the swim go to waste.

The last thing you want to do is begin the cycle in oxygen debt because it’s hard to recover and feel good again after that.

Power meter or a heart rate monitor are helpful to stick to targeted numbers. Try not to follow what other cyclists are doing, because they may be doing the wrong thing. They could be using up all their energy during the beginning of the bike and running out half way.

The bike will be your best and easiest opportunity to take on nutrients, so get as much energy as you can ready for the bike. A good idea would be taking one as you start the bike, to give you energy after the swim, one halfway through the bike, because it’s half way through the whole race, and one approaching the running, to give you that extra boost for the last leg.


Just like the bike ride, it’s best to start at an easier pace and finish harder on the run. If you do this, it should leave you in total control of your energy distribution. You’re likely to finish with much more confidence and control if you’re still moving through the field on the last lap rather than going backwards.

Keep taking drinks and stay on top of your energy, however, there’s no point during the last few km because your body won’t have time to absorb it and put it to use. Also, put in less effort when running up a hill and use the free speed when running down the hill by letting your legs go.

Market Harborough Triathlon

With three different distances to choose from, take part in one of Race Harborough’s biggest event on Sunday 3rd September 2017.

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Triathlon pace