Saturday will soon be upon us. We’re delighted to announce that the 10K, Half Marathon and Fun Run have all sold out. That means there will be nearly 1000 people getting involved in the 2017 Market Harborough carnival of running. Below is important race day information that runners should read for safety and for a smoother race day…

All of the race packs containing chip, number and luggage label have been sent out. They should have arrived this week. If they haven’t done, don’t worry. You can collect one at the RSA sports hall on Saturday morning any time before 11.30am.

Where can you park?

This event is a split venue race. i.e. it will start at one location and finish at another. They are both within very close proximity to one another, half a mile apart. We encourage those that can, to walk to the venue.

The best option for parking is a public pay and display car park just a 5-minute walk and halfway between the start and finish down Burnmill Road at the Doddridge Road Car park near Bowden Lane. Here there are many long stay spaces available charging £1.20 for up to 4 hours and £2.20 for 4 hours plus.

Additional public car parking is available at St Mary’s Road LE16 7DU, and Symington Way LE16 7XA (which are all slightly closer to the finish than the start). Please note that between 11.45am and 1.30pm, these car parks will be inaccessible due to road closures in the town. It shouldn’t affect you though as you’ll be at the start or running at that point.

Where can you leave your personal belongings?

Race day information

We are offering a free facility to safely store your belongings for you. Inside your registration envelope you will find a luggage label. If you wish to leave baggage with us, please fill in your race number and attach this to your bag.

These will be transferred to the finish area and on display of your race number you can retrieve it back. Baggage will be open from 10.30-11.30am. This will allow us sufficient time to get the baggage to the finish ready for the speedy 10k runners.

Race briefing and arrangements

On the school field (along the drive and past the sports hall), runners will congregate in starting pens before the race start. There are 2 pens for the 10k and another 2 for the Half Marathon. Please ensure that you follow the guidelines for finishing times and put yourself in the correct pen to ensure that the race gets away as smoothly as possible.

10K runners will have red numbers and HM runners will have green. The 10K race will start at 12pm. You will be brought forward to the start line to receive the race briefing just before the race starts. The HM will start at 12.05/12.10pm. There will be a different briefing for this race.

Please do not wear headphones. Several of the roads are open to traffic and you will not be able to hear traffic or the instructions of marshals. We will Disqualify runners that fail to follow this instruction.

Water Stations

There are 4 water stations on the course. Thanks to the Market Harborough Building Society and Edward Hands and Lewis that will be on the first two stations.

The stations are at:

10K route – 5K and 7.5K

Half Marathon route – 3 miles, 6 miles, 8.5 miles and 11.5 miles. High 5 gels are available at the 6 and 8.5 mile stations.

Published Times & Photographs

Race times will be posted on the Race Harborough website and on the event Facebook page as soon as possible after the event has finished. Event photos will be uploaded as soon as possible and available from

During the race

The route will be well signposted throughout. Using signs as seen Below. The route splits at one junction and then reunites later. It is down to you to follow the signage carefully for the correct course resulting in a safe and enjoyable race.Race day information Race day information

Final message to all runners…

Thank you for taking part in the 2017 Carnival of Running, see you all on Saturday, best of luck and enjoy the race. We look forward to hearing your feedback…