It’s fun, sociable – and a great way to get fit. Here are our 8 top reasons to take part in the Harborough Half Marathon and why Half Marathon training is worth it:

  1. Get cardio fit:  Embarking on a proper training plan for a half marathon involves working on your speed and distance. There’s no substitute for putting in the miles. The good news is, gradually building your mileage helps lower your blood pressure and improve overall heart health. Half marathon training is a great way of pushing the body. It helps you maintain a healthy heart and cardiovascular system.
  2. Lose weight and burn calories: Inevitably, running a lot of miles as part of your training helps turn you into a calorie-burning machine!  Preparing for a half marathon should involve at least 8 weeks of training. Which in turn will burn calories and improve muscle definition. The Harborough Half Marathon is on Saturday 10th of June 2017, so you should be aiming to start training by mid-April.
  3. Give yourself a goal: It’s one thing running short distances like a 5K with little training. However it’s a whole different challenge getting through a half marathon with no preparation. So, having the Harborough Half Marathon on your calendar will keep you motivated and help you to stick to your training schedule.
  4. Stick to the plan: If you like following a schedule, the structure of training for a half marathon should be perfect.  Create a training schedule to see what you need to do, from running, cross-training or rest days. Add a little more distance each week, and you’ll soon notice a change in your fitness levels, making progress towards your half marathon goal. There are lots of half marathon training schedules online to give you a structure to work from.
  5.  Look after your mental health:  A half marathon is short enough to be achievable and long enough to have great benefits for your health and fitness. And exercise is proven to help reduce stress, so, it’s really worth doing. Also, completing Harborough’s Half Marathon may encourage you to take on more running events with increased confidence.
  6. A sense of achievement:  Your first half marathon can be daunting but the sense of achievement is amazing. While the half marathon distance is growing in popularity, the number of people who’ve completed a half marathon is small. Once you cross that half marathon finish line, you’ll be joining a group of runners who have overcome that challenge.
  7. Meet new people: You might want to consider joining a running club, many offer half marathon training. So you can train with a group – and hopefully make some new friends along the way. The Harborough Half Marathon is the only half marathon in Leicestershire on the day of the Carnival. This means that thousands of people will be supporting you and taking part, making it a great way of socialising with new people in the local community.
  8. Supporting a good cause: A key part of what we do is supporting local charities. For this event, we’re supporting ‘The Squires Effect’. We will be donating a portion of the proceeds from every entry. If you would like to run for your own selected charity you will be able to do that too. Just find out more on the Carnival of Running page.